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Wow!StudentProfile by Priya Kotecha

Rezia Wahid

Textile graduate-1998

The Idea?

To produce a fabric as transparent, soft and light as the feeling of air and to call it ‘woven-air’.

The Inspiration?

Coming across a field full of dandelions during her time at SIAD. Rezia associates dandelions with human beings: how God has created us and, like seeds, spread us into the world within different nations and cultures so that we can get to know each other.

Rezia says: “My inspiration comes from the beauty of the natural world with which we are all surrounded, my travels and the spirit and sensuality of Islam…and ‘woven-air’”.

What Happened Then?

The basic seeds were sown at SIAD, but then two years ago, Rezia was asked to give a lecture and workshop based on Islamic art and textiles. The lecture went very well, things moved forward, Rezia started teaching and exhibited her work among many exhibitions at the ‘spring –summer collection at Livingstone studio’. Then along with a few other SIAD graduates formed the MAKA textiles collaboration, who exhibited in Tokyo during September. They are due to exhibit in London in Jan 2004. ‘Woven-air’ was finally out there for people to see!

Fondest Memories At SIAD?

“Apart from the time I found the field full of dandelions…it’s got to be the canteen and the tea-breaks between weaving!”

Her Advice?

“Work hard, listen to your instincts and follow your heart. During my graduation show, a tutor said; “dreams come true” and that’s exactly what I would say now!”